[Video] Aerospace Industry Faces Aging Fleets

by Maureen Perroni, on February 8, 2017

Most air travelers may not realize this, but commercial airline fleets are getting older. The rush to solve this problem will be a major trend in the industry going forward.

For instance, earlier this year, Delta Airlines announced that it would be ordering 37 new Airbus planes to replace one of the oldest fleets in the U.S. Industry Week reports that over the next two decades, about 40 percent of all new aircraft deliveries are expected to be replacements.

Aging isn't the only problem. Airlines are also working to improve overall fleet fuel efficiency by investing in the latest engine technology.

In the coming years, the commercial airline industry will rely on Enterprise Labeling Solutions to improve supply chain efficiency and ensure that production proceeds without cost overruns.

Here's more information on aerospace labeling.

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