Webinar with GS1: Food Labeling 2.0 and Improving Farm-to-Fork Visibility

by Craig Hodgson, on July 7, 2016

webinar-GS1-farm-to-fork-lo_square_300x300.jpgUp and down the food supply chain, there’s an industry push to improve the visibility, traceability and overall content of the food and beverages we consume. From global initiatives to pinpoint exactly where food is grown to innovations that give consumers access to a plethora of attributes right from the product label, today’s F&B brands must keep up.

During a special webinar next week, we’ll address this rather broad but important topic by focusing on two specific examples that reside on opposite ends of the spectrum (but really encapsulate the demand for enhanced visibility and content across the food supply chain). We’ve packaged the program under the title “Food Labeling 2.0: Taking Farm-to-Fork Visibility to a New Level” because when you get down to it, food and beverage labeling really is entering a new phase. One in which suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, grocers, regulators, and yes, consumers will require total transparency of information—and the most logical place to capture and share this increasingly varied data is right within the barcode label itself.

First, we’ll venture way upstream and provide an update on the International Trade Centre (ITC) Sustainability Network and Global Farm Registry. Jim Bracken from GS1 Global Office and Joseph Wozniak from ITC will speak to a program that’s designed to bring into the fold smaller farmers from remote parts of the world to gain insight into their production as well as their sustainable agriculture practices. By registering, the farmers will receive capacity-building support from national stakeholders, governments and United Nations agencies. The end goal is to ensure end-to-end food security, health and nutrition—while encouraging good governance and accountability on a massive scale.

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Date: Thursday, July 14, 2016
Time: 12:00 – 1:00 PM EDT

At the other end of the chain—well downstream on the "fork" or consumer side—we’ll review updates to GS1 standards including support of a new innovation that’s changing how F&B brands connect with and retain their customers. Carrie Wilkie from GS1 US will explain how SmartLabel technology provides consumers with instant access to a wide range of product attributes including nutrition, ingredients, allergens and much more by simply scanning a GS1 barcode or QR code on the packaging. Learn how some of the world’s leading food brands are leveraging this technology, as well as their existing investments in GDSN, to grow their business, build consumer loyalty, and provide that critical last-mile information that customers demand.

In addition to getting a jump on Food Labeling 2.0 (and seeing what’s driving adoption of new labeling practices), you’ll learn more about Loftware’s Enterprise Labeling Solutions for Food & Beverage. When you can tightly integrate labeling with the enterprise applications you’re currently using—whether it’s SAP, Oracle or other systems—you not only ensure labeling accuracy, but also open the door to new advancements that dramatically improve visibility and traceability within your own food supply chain.

Don’t miss out on this timely, topical and extremely insightful webinar. Are you ready for Food Labeling 2.0? Get a jump on your competitors and join us next week.

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