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Preparing ticketing and tagging for a post-Amazon world

The apparel and garment industry is under pressure. The disruptions that the first Industrial Revolution brought to garment manufacturing required retailers to embrace technology, and with globalization came the need for retailers to adjust business models and go-to-market strategies. Then came the infamous Amazon effect, and the nature of the game changed. Not only did Amazon challenge the traditional brick-and-mortar concept and open up entirely new channels, they are now redefining delivery through those channels. This pressures apparel and garment retailers to rethink how they leverage their touchpoints and redefine the role their physical stores play in their interaction with customers.

Download the White Paper Preparing your ticketing and tagging for a post-Amazon world to learn more.

  • Regulatory
  • Supply Chain
  • Supplier Labeling
  • Labeling
  • Track and Trace