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July 4, 2024


How GSK optimized labeling from SAP and across the globe

Label print speed and label accuracy are important for every supply chain. Companies need to get products out fast, but if label data is inaccurate, they can face costly fines and recalls.

GSK, one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, had over 26 different labeling solutions and 40 manufacturing sites worldwide. With no centralized control of its labeling, this brought challenges that resulted in data siloes, compliance risk, and cumbersome label processes.

Working with Loftware, GSK centralized and automated its labeling processes by integrating labeling with SAP ECC (ERP Central Component) and across its global landscape.

Watch the webinar to learn how GSK drives labeling directly from SAP, across its global manufacturing sites and over 3500 label printers, to ensure accurate labeling across their supply chain.

Learn how GSK:

  • Leverages SAP as a source of truth and drives label printing dynamically from SAP ECC business transactions
  • Quickly reacts to changing regulatory and market-driven requirements to meet the rigors of high-volume label printing across its global landscape
  • Significantly improved labeling consistency across its global SAP landscape
  • Manages regional and customer label demands across the globe, including support for local languages
  • SAP
  • Supply Chain
  • Labeling

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