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June 28, 2024


Enhancing Sustainability and Efficiency at Lubrizol with Loftware SAP Integration

As one of the largest employers of chemical engineers worldwide, Lubrizol continuously strives to improve its culture of safety and accountability, driving safety excellence across its global operations through its "Journey to Zero" initiative.

This webinar explores how Lubrizol leverages Loftware's Enterprise Labeling solutions integrated with SAP to enhance their sustainability efforts and operational efficiency.

Key topics covered:

  • Lubrizol's "Journey to Zero"
  • Ensuring Compliance with GHS and CLP Regulations
  • Case Studies and Real-World Examples
  • Lubrizol's Long-Term SAP Strategy and Loftware Integration

Learn how your organization can leverage advanced labeling solutions to meet evolving regulatory requirements and drive business success.

  • SAP
  • Regulatory
  • Supply Chain
  • Supplier Labeling

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