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Enterprise Labeling with Loftware Spectrum™

Today’s supply chains are complex with an array of stakeholders each with their own unique roles and demands. There’s IT looking to integrate and automate systems to reduce downtime and maintenance, while Operations wants to make sure production is meeting its time to market goals. There are also Quality and Regulatory people who care most about adhering to customer and third-party standards.

When it comes to Enterprise labeling, leading organizations are turning to Loftware Spectrum to meet the complex demands of their global supply chain. A powerful, scalable 100% browser-based platform, Spectrum offers revolutionary capabilities to meet the needs of all stakeholders in the labeling process.

Watch the webinar to learn how Loftware Spectrum can help:

  • Enable instant browser-based access to labeling governed by role-based security
  • Centralize labeling globally, while ensuring continuous operations at remote locations
  • Empower business users to design labels to meet customer and regulatory requirements
  • Control labeling processes with configurable workflow and approvals
  • Experience unmatched performance printing to any printer across your global network


  • Cloud
  • Supply Chain
  • Labeling

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For additional details see the Loftware Privacy Policy