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Embracing Agile Production Methodologies in Clinical Trials

Why Labeling Holds the Key

In recent years, the clinical trial sector has been going through unparalleled change. Almost overnight, the industry had to adjust its way of working as Covid-19 wreaked havoc across the world, and the wider clinical trial supply chain had to adjust to fit a new paradigm.

While the pandemic may no longer be dominating headlines as communities strive to “live with the virus,” many changes ushered in during Covid-19 have become a permanent part of the clinical trial landscape. Adaptive designs, decentralized models, and direct-to-patient dispensing were known to have value but struggled to gain traction, however, it was the onset of the pandemic that finally provided the impetus for adoption. The clinical trial industry was
faced with the simple choice of either hitting the pause button on studies or adapting. The sector rose to meet the challenge and along the way realized that adaptive design, decentralization, and direct-to-patient supply models were also patient-centric.

This report looks at how the industry has shifted its approach to how clinical trials are managed and as a result, made the industry more patient-centric.

  • Regulatory
  • Clinical Trials
  • Supplier Labeling
  • Labeling
  • Track and Trace

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