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January 8, 2024

Case Study

W.L. Gore enables compliance and accelerates go-to-market with cloud-based labeling

W. L. Gore & Associates has made its name by creating innovative, technology-driven solutions, from medical devices that treat aneurysms to high-performance GORE-TEX® fabric. A world leader in membrane technology and biomaterials, the company’s medical device manufacturing division has more than 40 million devices implanted worldwide – including vascular grafts, endovascular and interventional devices, surgical meshes, sutures, and staple line reinforcement materials.

W.L. Gore’s relationship with Loftware dates to 2014 when implementing Loftware Print Server (LPS), and the company increased the efficiency of its labeling operations. However, challenges remained, and in 2018, W.L. Gore decided to migrate from LPS to Loftware Spectrum with a specific goal in mind: To create an electronic image capture (DHR) of each label it printed, so it could respond to audit requests more efficiently.

Learn how W.L. Gore has modernized and future-proofed labeling by migrating to Loftware Spectrum, and benefited from:

  • Improved speed-to-market by 50%.
  • Achieved 100% label accuracy.
  • Increased processing volume by 50%.
  • Reduced label creation and update times from months to days.  
  • Automated label design and management to easily meet complex regulatory requirements.
  • Simplified auditing processes to enable compliance.  
  • Enabled regional offices and external partners to print consistent labels.  
  • Cloud
  • Regulatory
  • Labeling

Thank you! You can read the paper here: [[PDF]]

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For additional details see the Loftware Privacy Policy