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Products overview

Case Study

Bilcare offers a secure solution for clinical manufacturing

The Client

Bilcare (acquired by Sharp Clinical) is a global leader and an innovation-led packaging solutions provider that partners with the pharmaceutical industry to improve patient healthcare outcomes.

The Challenge

The services for solid, semi-solid, liquid, DEA (CI-V) and biotech clinical trial materials (CTM) satisfy a broad range of requirements; from pre-formulation research and development, analytical services and clinical supplies packaging and labeling, to IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System), controlled temperature (cold and frozen chain) CTM storage, distribution worldwide, and returns and destructions accountability.

Over the years, Bilcare’s research activities have enhanced their range of proprietary products and services. This has resulted in creating a large patent portfolio with distinctive solutions. As of March 31, 2014 Bilcare had filed for over 198 patents worldwide.

The solution?

Download our case study to find out!


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  • Labeling

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