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March 19, 2024


4 ways Loftware Cloud offers a gateway to intelligent and transparent supply chains

Josh Roffman

EVP Marketing

In the ever-evolving landscape of global supply chains, the need for agility, compliance, and transparency has never been more important. Keeping pace with these requirements requires innovative solutions that not only streamline operations but also enhance visibility and traceability across the supply chain network.  

To meet this demand, we are delighted to unveil Loftware Cloud, a robust and secure cloud-based labeling platform that harnesses the power of our state-of-the-art technologies to help businesses of all sizes conquer diverse supply chain complexities, ensure supplier compliance, and improve traceability. 

“2024 marks a pivotal point for global supply chains as automation becomes increasingly prevalent. Many organizations have historically struggled to keep up with this pace of change, risking lost opportunities and revenue,” said Michelle Northey, Loftware EVP Product. “However, for companies looking to transform their digital supply chain, Loftware Cloud offers a powerful, versatile, and cutting-edge solution that adheres to critical regulatory and customer standards while saving companies time, money, and resources.” 

How does Loftware Cloud enhance supply chains? 

#1 Adapt to changing supply chain demands. The powerful and intuitive solution empowers organizations to adapt to changing demands across the global supply chain by providing users with the ability to easily design, manage, and print millions of accurate labels per day. This level of standardization and automation transforms legacy manual error-prone processes, facilitating high-performance supply chain label printing and enabling scale. 

#2 Maintain supplier compliance. Evolving customer demands, industry standards, and regulations define how products are developed, shipped, and disposed of across the global supply chain. Maintaining supplier compliance is a vital part of ensuring this is done seamlessly and accurately. Using Loftware Cloud, suppliers and co-packers can seamlessly print labels using pre-approved templates and data. Businesses can regulate access to the platform, gaining a meticulous record of each label printed and guaranteeing that labels meet compliance and brand standards. By doing so, companies can eliminate relabeling, save time, and reduce costs. 

#3 Improve traceability. In a bid to foster a sustainable enterprise, Loftware Cloud also brings unprecedented visibility and transparency across the global supply chain network by supporting track and trace and serialization initiatives. The benefits are varied – from minimizing costs and enhancing operational efficiency to improving agility and eliminating redundancies. Organizations leveraging our solution also experience reduced rework, lower scrap rates, and a decreased need for relabeling, resulting in significant inventory loss prevention and removing the need for costly product recalls.   

#4 Integrate with SAP. Loftware's certified SAP labeling solutions - designed to integrate with any SAP landscape - allow companies to drive their labeling seamlessly no matter where they are on their journey to S/4HANA. Loftware Cloud offers market-leading integration with SAP, S/4HANA, SAP Business Suite on HANA, and SAP ECC, allowing businesses to reduce costs, improve agility, and minimize costly errors. 

What does this mean for Loftware customers? 

Existing Loftware customers, regardless of their current Loftware platform, will enjoy a seamless transition to a more powerful and integrated solution that delivers on our promise of innovation and excellence.  

Contact us to learn more about Loftware Cloud and the benefits it can bring to your business.

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