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March 19, 2024


3 ways channel partners can benefit from Loftware Cloud

Mari Waldron

Director of Partner Marketing

At this year’s LogiMAT 2024 event, we were delighted to unveil Loftware Cloud, an enhanced and powerful labeling solution designed to help companies of all sizes conquer diverse supply chain complexities, ensure supplier compliance, and improve traceability. 

Loftware Cloud is a robust and secure platform designed to meet the needs of all businesses no matter their size or industry focus. With fast deployment times, lower upfront costs, easy access, high availability, unmatched scalability, and impressive flexibility, the innovative solution standardizes and automates legacy manual error-prone processes, thereby facilitating high-performance supply chain label printing.  

Read on to discover 3 ways channel partners can benefit from selling Loftware Cloud. 

#1 Differentiate and grow your business. Loftware Cloud is an easy-to-use cloud-based labeling solution that helps channel partners to grow their business by unlocking opportunities for refreshing old customers’ hardware. A solution that solves both business and label design issues is an excellent way for partners to differentiate themselves. 

#2 Do more for your customers remotely at a reduced cost. Loftware Cloud helps partners offer additional services to their customers, such as troubleshooting and label design, all from the partner’s location and without having to go on-site. For example, a channel partner could have secure access to a customer’s cloud to design and print labels on their behalf/collaboratively. They could also manage their customers' supplies usage and replenishments. 

#3 Provide a better user experience by offering customers benefits of the Cloud. Loftware Cloud is an easy-to-use online labeling platform, which allows users to log in and start using immediately. The robust solution with a familiar Microsoft-like user interface helps end-users conquer diverse supply chain complexities, ensure supplier compliance, and improve sustainability across the enterprise. By selling Loftware Cloud, channel partners can provide the benefits of cloud labeling to their customers, such as cost savings, efficiency gains, next-level security, and more. 

Commenting, Paul Vogt, Loftware VP Partner Strategies, said: “Loftware Cloud gives channel partners exactly what they want: the ability to deliver valuable labeling services while driving recurring revenue. It gets rid of license keys and the need to install software, so it's no surprise that customers' IT teams demand it and love it. The solution doesn't require any significant changes for users who adopt it quickly either. Soon all channel partners will be leading with cloud-based labeling!” 

Where can I find out more information? 

For more information about Loftware Cloud, visit our dedicated web page for partners here.  

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