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October 3, 2023


Unlock manufacturing success with cloud-based labeling

Laura Hindley

Senior PR & Communications Manager

In today's rapidly evolving manufacturing landscape, digital transformation has transcended from being an option to an absolute necessity. The imperative to embrace this paradigm shift is driven by several compelling factors, with survival emerging as the most pressing concern. The disruptions in supply chains have placed unprecedented pressure on organizations to expedite their time-to-market while simultaneously meeting the soaring expectations of their customers. 

The capacity to swiftly adapt has become a decisive element that determines the success or failure of businesses operating across a variety of sectors. One area that plays a crucial role here is the adoption of cloud technology within global supply chains. 

In manufacturing, three issues have stood out as priorities as businesses take advantage of the cloud to improve their digital posture: sustainability, cost pressures, and ongoing supply chain disruptions. 

Driving supply chain agility 

Companies of all sizes are looking to expand into new regions across the globe. As they realize this growth, their supply chains and labeling practices will become increasingly more complex, which can lead to inefficiencies and disruptions if operating disparate legacy solutions. 

Cloud-based labeling, however, allows companies to maintain existing systems and user interactions to scale labeling across their entire business ecosystem. Most importantly, businesses can swiftly onboard new sites quickly and extend labeling to suppliers and partners. With multiple locations, new suppliers, partners, and 3PLs gaining flexible access to centralized labeling and label content, there is also a significant reduction in labeling errors. 

Reducing costs with the cloud 

Companies can dramatically reduce costs associated with labeling errors by harnessing the power of cloud technology. Gartner research highlights the costly results of inaccurate labeling and discusses how non-declared allergens, mislabeling, and inaccurate packaging graphics continue to be a leading cause of product delays and recalls, ultimately costing manufacturers millions of dollars in lost sales. However, implementing a cloud-based labeling solution – one that links labeling processes with business processes to drive speed, accuracy, and compliance – helps to eliminate the risk of labeling errors, thereby saving companies money, time, and brand reputation. 

Additionally, cloud-first business strategies have given companies of all sizes access to world-class systems. Rather than paying a hefty fee, manufacturers can spend on a subscription basis and upgrade their plans as needed. 

Creating sustainable supply chains 

Loftware’s 2023 ‘Top 5 Trends’ research found that 76% of organizations already have a sustainability initiative, indicating how important this issue is across all sectors. However, as they look to meet these targets and set a new standard for responsible business, organizations must ensure their supply chains reflect this commitment. 

With sustainability at the forefront, digital traceability can help companies deliver on their environmental commitments. Being able to trace products both upstream and downstream will become important for managing the product lifecycle and ensuring sustainable sourcing. These intelligent supply chains can track, trace, and authenticate products at every stage of the journey, from raw materials to consumer goods. Additionally, cloud-based labeling solutions reduce inventory and ensure that all products are correctly identified, shipped, and delivered to the right place, thereby avoiding unnecessary loss and waste. 

Unlock manufacturing success with the cloud 

Are you interested in learning more? Download our complimentary whitepaper to discover how a cloud-first labeling approach can unlock greater supply chain efficiency, sustainability, and profitability for manufacturers. 

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