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March 21, 2023


Loftware Prisym 360 release 1.17 delivers efficiencies, improves accuracy, and streamlines compliance

Laura Hindley

Senior PR & Communications Manager

Last week, we announced the general availability of Loftware Prisym 360 release 1.17.  

This latest software release comprises a wide set of enhancements to Prisym 360 to simplify and accelerate the design and production of accurate clinical supplies labels and booklets, which will deliver efficiencies, improve accuracy, and streamline compliance for clinical labeling functions. 

Commenting on the release, Simon Jones, Loftware VP Product Management, Life Sciences, said: “As pharmaceutical sponsors continue to grow new product pipelines, clinical supplies teams are seeking opportunities to simplify and streamline their operations. Clinical labeling can be a very resource-intensive activity, especially where processes rely on manual tasks or legacy systems. 

“Loftware’s Prisym 360 labeling solution helps clinical supplies teams utilize software to automate the steps in collating, formatting, and translating text and symbols required on clinical pack labels or booklets. This release, designed with input from users to ensure it reflects industry best practices, further improves these activities by simplifying steps, improving content reuse across studies, and enhancing booklet layout options. As a result, clinical labeling functions can significantly reduce the timescales and risks associated with designing complex booklets during a study start-up phase, for example.” 

The benefits of Prisym 360 release 1.17 

Clinical labeling teams often specify English Master Label Text (MLT) content to define the governing label content for clinical study labels and booklets. Once collated and approved, this MLT content is then used to create variations for each country and region to be included in the study, commonly referred to as Country Label Text (CLT). These variations typically include country-specific phrase translations, regulatory statements, and symbols.  

Prisym 360’s unique MLT/CLT functionality, along with its phrase management and regulatory rules features, guides users through the process of defining and collating clinical label and booklet content. It automates many steps by reusing approved content and translations to remove unnecessary activities. PDFs can then be swiftly generated by applying this resulting content to label or booklet layout designs. 

Additionally, with support for electronic records and electronic signatures, all activities are recorded in Prisym 360’s audit log, helping clinical supplies teams to ensure GxP-compliance.  

Mastering clinical trial label translations  

Without careful management, labeling can quickly become a significant bottleneck in the clinical trial supply chain, with any delays potentially derailing the progress of a study. For more information about mastering the translation of clinical trial labels, download Loftware’s complimentary report 

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