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August 15, 2023


Loftware announces support for ID Technology ClearMark HR printer under NiceLabel

Denis Stojanoski

Alliances Program Manager

We’re pleased to share that we have developed printer drivers for users of Loftware NiceLabel that will enable them to print high-quality labels from any business application to the ClearMark HR high-resolution inkjet printer from ID Technology, a ProMach product brand.  

Through this development, ID Technology customers can now enhance their coding and marking processes by deploying a cloud-based solution to centrally control their labeling, marking, and coding applications, all while standardizing their processes and streamlining their workflows.  

Commenting, Paul Vogt, Loftware VP of Partner Strategies, said: “Manufacturers can manage all their supply chain printers using one unified Loftware software solution, allowing them to streamline label, document, and message management and integrate data retrieval from ERP systems. These activities are especially crucial in ensuring supply chain continuity, preventing instances of mislabeling, and avoiding costly product recalls.” 

“Through our partnership with ID Technology, manufacturers can now meet customer and industry demands for new label formats, cutting-edge technologies, and new standards for product traceability.” 

Loftware’s cloud-based labeling solutions support a wide range of supply chain printers. These include thermal label printers, document printers, print and apply systems, and now the ID Technology ClearMark HR model, which prints sharp high-resolution images on porous surfaces in even the most challenging of industrial environments. 

David Holliday, ProMach Director of Marketing Communications, added: “We are happy that we can now use a native Loftware NiceLabel driver for our ID Technology ClearMark HR printer. At ProMach Labeling & Coding, we have created various applications using the Loftware NiceLabel solution to manage our other printing technologies. This new ClearMark HR driver allows us to further enhance print control capabilities for our customers. 

Loftware connects cloud applications with specialty printers without requiring any on-premise hardware or software. We also integrate coding and marking management with cloud-based business applications, allowing for direct printing from existing business transactions using master data.  

The support Loftware has added for the ID Technology ClearMark HR models is in addition to the 5000+ printer models across 100+ printer brands that we already support. You can down the ProMach printer drivers, which have been tested for Windows environments, here. 

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