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January 17, 2023


Loftware adds support for UBS APLINK production line printers

Laura Hindley

Senior PR & Communications Manager

We’re pleased to announce that we have developed the technology to print from Loftware Spectrum and Loftware NiceLabel to UBS APLINK production line printers. This will benefit companies that have deployed UBS APLINK printers for secondary marking of cases and packaging, including printing directly onto containers that hold multiple products or packs.  

Loftware’s labeling solutions allow users to design messages, codes, and complex barcode label templates for printing on the production line, enabling them to seamlessly deploy, maintain, and scale all their labeling, marking, and coding operations across multiple locations. With this enhanced functionality, users can now integrate their printing operations that use UBS APLINK into their MES production processes and ERP business systems. This will empower users to achieve label accuracy, consistency, and compliance while eliminating the duplication of data, added costs, and the risk of mislabeling. 

Commenting, Paul Vogt, Loftware VP Channel & Alliance Strategy and Programs, said: “Many companies still rely on standalone HMI (Human Machine Interface) terminals to support their marking and coding processes. The costs of this legacy approach are far greater than many companies realize, often resulting in drawn-out processes, updates not being made universally, a lack of consistent label and message templates, and human error from manual data entry. 

“End users are thirsting for a single software platform to manage all end-to-end supply chain printing requirements, from suppliers to inbound warehousing, production, packaging, finished goods warehousing, distribution, and logistics. Our labeling solutions do just that. With this technology development, users of Loftware's labeling solutions can now include UBS APLINK printers in their integrated supply chain printing processes, while UBS printer users can now operate all their printers from one unified Loftware platform, whatever the brand.” 

Our cloud-based labeling solutions permit business users to respond to change requests and print jobs without IT assistance, which reduces delays and frees up costly IT resources. By moving to a cloud-based solution, companies of all sizes can reduce the cost of their labeling, avoid missed opportunities, and drastically reduce the risk of printing errors.  

Mario Bonet, UBS Product Marketing Manager, added: “The improvement in efficiency for our customers when using software with these characteristics is extremely valuable. Creating new messages with this designer is fast and intuitive, and managing the labeling process is amazingly simple. Plus, it is a valuable door opener for UBS to sell more printers.” 

The support Loftware has added for UBS printers comes in addition to the 5000+ printer models across 100+ printer brands that we already support. You can download UBS printer drivers here. 

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