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May 15, 2023


Loftware collaborates with SATO to add enhanced RFID encoding abilities to NiceLabel software

Laura Hindley

Senior PR & Communications Manager

We’re thrilled to announce that we have collaborated with SATO, a global pioneer in auto-ID and labeling solutions, to develop an out-of-the-box solution for printing and encoding HF/NFC RFID tags. 

Importantly, Loftware NiceLabel is the only software solution to support the printing and encoding of 13.56 MHz HF/NFC tags using SATO’s CT4-LX compact desktop and CL4NX Plus industrial RFID printers. These tags are used in many applications for inventory, traceability, and brand protection, including: 

  • Luxury goods manufacturers use these tags as an anti-counterfeit measure. 

  • Pharmaceutical companies can use them to identify and eliminate fake medicines from the supply chain. 

  • Automotive and airline companies use them for confirming the authenticity of individually tagged high-value components. 

  • Users of professional equipment and tools use them to identify and manage inventory stored outdoors.  

  • Companies across a variety of sectors use these tags to give consumers a positive brand experience, as they can identify a product and guarantee its authenticity using a smartphone. 

Commenting, Paul Vogt, Loftware VP of Partner Strategies, said: We’re extremely proud of what we have developed alongside SATO. With the powerful capabilities of our NiceLabel software combined with SATO’s RFID printers, we can now extend the critical advantages of HF/NFC tagging to the masses. 

Encoding 13.56 MHz tags has historically been complex, and users have been forced to develop custom software, leading to inefficiencies, inaccuracies, and supply chain bottlenecks. However, by deploying the joint Loftware-SATO solution, companies of all sizes can use NiceLabel to seamlessly design, print, and encode HF/NFC tags across a variety of applications.” 

More information about Loftware NiceLabel 

Loftware NiceLabel is the ideal labeling solution for small to mid-sized businesses. Companies can be up and running in minutes while having everything they need to manage their entire labeling process, from label design and template management to printing. They can integrate labeling with key business systems to create a more efficient labeling process, can start small or local, and can easily expand the system to multiple locations. Businesses also benefit from one of the most secure cloud platforms available on the market in Microsoft Azure. 

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