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August 24, 2023


How Loftware helps leading golf club manufacturer PING ensure round-the-clock production

Alexandria Zakrzewski

Marketing Communications Specialist

PING, Inc., a leading golf club manufacturer headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, selected Loftware NiceLabel Cloud to support their expanding production and ensure business continuity with 24/7 global support.  

PING produces more than 10,000 golf clubs per day in the U.S. alone. Each golf club barcode steers the entire golf club building workflow, which means it is critical for production. PING prints thousands of these labels round-the-clock in its global production facilities.  

To keep up with increased demand during the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, PING expanded production hours to include longer days and weekends. After experiencing downtime in their North America manufacturing facility, PING began searching for a new labeling system, with local IT support being the largest requirement. Along with its headquarters, PING also needed support in Gainsborough, England; Tokyo, Japan; and Ontario, Canada where additional production facilities are located. Additionally, the Loftware services team worked with PING during the entire implementation process to ensure continuous production.   

Along with IT support for a 24/7 production process, PING was facing additional challenges of scalability, improving print performance, and simplifying label creation.  

Four ways Loftware improved PING's labeling operations

Read below about just some of the success PING has experienced since implementing Loftware NiceLabel Cloud.  

#1 Reduced label creation process from two weeks to one day. Loftware NiceLabel Cloud’s built-in label designer is easy to use, and staff can quickly create and deploy labels the same day, something which would have taken at least two weeks in the previous system. 

#2 Moving to the cloud made it easier to support PING’s different geographic locations. Now, IT managers in the UK and Japan have the flexibility to be able to design their own labels, switch out printers, and adjust formats to match their local business needs.  

#3 Building an IT platform for the future. By selecting Loftware NiceLabel Cloud, PING values having a reliable labeling system they can further build on in the future as the company continues to grow. PING is planning to overhaul its ERP system this year, and the fact that Loftware NiceLabel Cloud integrates seamlessly with all the major ERP systems gives them added peace of mind. 

#4 Increased label print speed and improved print performance. Prior to implementing Loftware NiceLabel Cloud, production teams would have an 8 minute or longer lag time between print batches, impacting sales and revenue. Now, labels can print quickly and efficiently. PING also has access to a dashboard to immediately be able to troubleshoot any print issues.  

To find out more about how Loftware NiceLabel Cloud helps PING stay competitive and keep up with market demand, and how it can benefit your organization as well, check out the full case study here 


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