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November 30, 2023


How LivaNova standardized labeling to improve compliance and increase speed

Sarah Hrycyk

Marketing Programs Manager, Life Sciences

For almost 50 years, LivaNova has created leading products and therapies within the areas of advanced circulatory support, cardiopulmonary, and neuromodulation by delivering life-changing improvements through innovative medical technologies. 

As a global medical device company, LivaNova must comply with a wide range of regulations in the countries where it does business. The company wanted to implement a standardized label printing solution with a built-in approval workflow that would support its compliance initiatives.  

As one of LivaNova’s business units was already successfully using Loftware NiceLabel, the company decided to expand the platform to the rest of the organization. 

How Loftware enhanced LivaNova’s labeling operations 

Since expanding its use of Loftware NiceLabel LivaNova has seen several benefits, including: 

  • Standardized label printing across the organization 

  • Improved regulatory compliance 

  • Increased packaging accuracy and speed 

  • A significant reduction in label errors and manual processes 

  • Implementation of a validation-ready labeling system 

Annamarie De Padua, IT Project Manager at LivaNova, said: “Loftware NiceLabel gives us the best of both worlds: a standard system that is compliant with industry regulations, and a totally customized printing solution capable of printing different types of labels through a direct integration with our ERP system.”  

The LivaNova team is now working on incorporating the company’s serial number labels and RFID cards into the NiceLabel system, which will enable them to automate other aspects of their labeling and production processes. 

Where can I find out more information? 

To find out more about how Loftware NiceLabel helps LivaNova to stay competitive, and how it can benefit your organization as well, download the full case study today!   

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