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October 16, 2023


How channel partners can unlock value through integrated labeling

Mari Waldron

Director of Partner Marketing

Amid persistent disruptions in the supply chain and a less-than-optimistic economic forecast, businesses of all sizes ought to contemplate the adoption of software solutions and technology as a strategic move to safeguard their future.  

Enter the cloud. With quick deployment times, lower upfront costs, easy access, and the ability to scale, cloud technology is a game changer for unlocking value and boosting productivity. With this in mind, channel partners have a valuable opportunity to help their customers migrate to a modern and stable labeling platform, providing business transformation and helping these companies to become more streamlined and efficient in the process.  

Print labels from any business system with ease 

One way the cloud can significantly transform a customer’s labeling operations is through the power of integrated labeling, which provides them with an unprecedented level of flexibility to create, manage, and print mission-critical barcode labels across the supply chain. 

With Loftware NiceLabel Cloud, companies can integrate label printing with virtually any ERP, MES, or WMS solution. We partner with leading business application providers, like SAP, Microsoft, and Workday, to make sure our systems work seamlessly together. By offering your customers NiceLabel Cloud, they’ll see the following six benefits: 

#1 Draw data from sources of truth. Leverage existing business processes and vital data sources to achieve label accuracy and consistency, while eliminating duplication of data, added costs and the need to retrain users. 

#2 Integrate with any application. Seamlessly integrate NiceLabel Cloud with your enterprise applications, including SAP, Oracle, Infor, IBM Sterling, Sage, Workday, Microsoft Dynamics, and Netsuite.  

#3 Control processes, costs, and risk. To reduce costs and risks, critical business systems (ERP, WMS, MES) are moving to the cloud. With cloud-based labeling, connecting to your cloud data has never been so simple. 

#4 Reduce label templates and empower users. Configurable business logic allows business users to support labeling complexities by dynamically updating labels based on integrated data, significantly reducing label templates.  

#5 Significantly improve response times. Integrating labeling with business applications provides controlled access so select users—not just IT—can update even the most complex labels in minutes instead of weeks or months. 

#6 Enable streamlined compliance. Quickly and efficiently pull data, symbologies, warnings, and more from master data sources to avoid fines and supply chain disruptions with ease. 

What have NiceLabel customers said? 

“What was a big advantage for us is getting the ABAP package, so that we’re able to rapidly introduce the labeling interface within our SAP system. When we ran some tests with our current systems, it worked well using automation with NiceLabel, so this integration aspect was one of our biggest drivers.” - Pierre Rahm - IT Operations Services, Boehringer Ingelheim. 

“We have hundreds of workers creating process orders in SAP all the time. Typically, we create orders one week in advance of the actual printing, so the web printing application lets us print the label job that was previously created by SAP; this is key for the way we work.” - Jens Berth, Senior IT Project Manager, Chr. Hansen. 

As it stood before, we were at a dead-end. Now we’ve got control over the design of the labels, how we do it, and which printer we put them to. Integrating labeling with the company’s AutoCAD and ERP systems has also helped increase accuracy and operational efficiency. NiceLabel helps us to gather the right information and put it in front of people at the right time.” - Jeremy Annable, Business Systems Manager, IAE. 

Differentiate and grow your business 

To create a fast and flexible labeling process, your customers need their systems to work together. Whether they require labeling to work with an ERP, WMS, or MES, system, we offer the ideal solution.  

To learn more about the benefits of integrated labeling with NiceLabel Cloud and discover how you can become one of our valued channel partners – gaining access to a platform that surpasses competitive offerings through innovative technology – please visit our Channel Partner Program page. 

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