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February 8, 2023


An interview with The New Warehouse podcast: Creating resilient supply chains through cloud-first labeling

Laura Hindley

Senior PR & Communications Manager

Josh Roffman, SVP of Marketing and Product Management at Loftware, recently appeared on an episode of The New Warehouse podcast to explore the importance of labeling operations in the supply chain.

Josh joined Kevin Lawton, founder of the podcast series, for an insightful interview that covered the challenges companies face as they expand globally, the costs of labeling errors, and the benefits of moving labeling operations to cloud-based technologies.

Read on for three key takeaways from the episode:

#1 Label errors result in massive losses. Label errors can result in massive losses in terms of money, production time, compliance violations, consumer safety, and brand reputation. Josh highlighted a VDC report that revealed eight in ten large enterprises experience at least one major labeling error per year, costing them upwards of $2 million.

#2 Labeling is a critical part of the supply chain. Labels help to identify goods from the point of manufacture to their final destination: the consumer. Thanks to sophisticated technology solutions, labels can now contain even more data than ever, giving companies more flexibility in tracking goods and responding to customer demands.

#3 Cloud technology is a game changer for unlocking value. An increasing number of business systems are moving to the cloud to realize the many benefits it brings, and labeling shouldn’t be any different. With quick deployment times, lower upfront costs, easy access, and the ability to scale, forward-thinking companies are migrating to the cloud to gain a competitive edge and set themselves up for future success.

The New Warehouse is a media site bringing you insights from the worlds of logistics, distribution, and transportation. Host Kevin Lawton was a key player in four new distribution center start-ups and was involved in multiple software update and transition projects. Kevin also has experience dealing with Manhattan, SAP, Oracle, DiQ, Prelude, and other various types of automation such as voice picking and GTP picking.

Listen to the full The New Warehouse podcast episode here.

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