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May 25, 2022


Videojet Partners with Loftware to accelerate labeling, marking, and coding automation

6 Benefits for Customers

by Josh Roffman

We’re pleased to announce our strategic partnership with VideoJet, a global leader in marking, coding, and printing solutions.  

What does this mean for customers? 

As Bob O’Connor, Loftware President and CEO, said: “Loftware pioneered the Enterprise Labeling space as demand increased for a standardized platform for labeling across an organization’s global operations. In recent years, that same trend extended to marking and coding where companies are thirsting for a single software solution to replace the use and management of disparate and proprietary software applications required for different device makes and models.” 

“We are excited to partner with a leader in the space like Videojet and to extend the robust capabilities of Loftware Spectrum so that both existing and new customers can benefit from our full range of output capabilities, including marking and coding devices.” 

Read on for six benefits customers will gain from this collaboration: 

#1 Customers can eliminate the costly and time-consuming issues brought on by manual intervention and mislabeling on the production floor, overall allowing a full range of capabilities from global oversight to local autonomy.     

#2 Customers can drive all their device types from an all-in-one, digital solution, ranging from supply chain thermal transfer label printers to marking and coding production devices.  

#3 It offers organizations a leap forward in their automation journey without costly wholesale replacement of existing printer fleets.  

#4 Companies can eliminate their reliance on proprietary software typically provided by the printer manufacturers.  

#5 It provides transformation for companies who have long struggled with multiple ways of driving marking and coding devices in an environment that is typically a heterogeneous mix of print technologies and associated software from different manufacturers. 

#6 Businesses can seamlessly implement, deploy, maintain, and easily scale all their labeling, marking, and coding operations across multiple plants. 

Ondrej Kruk, President of Videojet, said: “Looking for innovative ways to improve our customers’ operational efficiency and reduce production errors is what Videojet does every day for thousands of customers across the globe. All companies can benefit from the deep industry expertise and collaboration of the Videojet and Loftware teams. Combining Videojet’s superior performance and range of marking and coding technologies and Loftware Spectrum, will offer companies a step-change in their digital, automation journey by controlling a mix of both Videojet and other vendors’ devices.” 

Read more about our strategic partnership with Videojet here

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