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January 10, 2022


Loftware’s Acquisition of PRISYM ID: Uniting the Best Talent in Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Labeling

by Josh Roffman

To find out more about the benefits this recent acquisition provides to customers in the medical device, clinical trials, and pharmaceutical labeling space make sure you watch our on-demand webinar.

We’re pleased to today announce that PRISYM ID, a leading provider of regulated content and label management solutions with a focus on clinical trials, medical device, and pharmaceutical labeling has joined the Loftware family.

This announcement comes at a time when companies are setting new benchmarks for accelerating clinical development and the need to decentralize clinical trials and deliver supplies to a myriad of locations is ever increasing.

Bob O’Connor Jr., Loftware President and CEO, said: “This acquisition builds on Loftware’s and PRISYM ID’s experience and unites the best talent in the medical device and pharmaceutical labeling industry today. Combined, we serve many of the largest global companies with solutions, services, and support that are vital to managing labeling complexities and regulatory requirements.

Some of the benefits this exciting acquisition brings to all our customers across the globe:

  •  Increases scale and investment, continuous innovation, and unparalleled domain expertise.
  •  Expands global presence and increased service and support resources to better serve customers and meet increasing demands.
  • Enhances our ability to meet labeling complexities and evolving regulatory demands.
  • Helps customers in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries tackle the challenges of clinical trial labeling performed either in-house, through Clinical Research Organizations (CRO), or through Clinical Development & Manufacturing Organizations (CDMO).
  • Enhances medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers’ ability to deliver certainty and safety to patients with validation and compliance-ready labeling solutions.
  •  Offers a powerful end-to-end cloud-based labeling platform that incorporates advanced clinical trials labeling and regulated content management capabilities.
  • Enables customers across all industries to meet a broader set of requirements.

Richard Adams, CEO for PRISYM ID, added: “By combining the competences of two leaders in the field, we can provide unrivaled solutions for the medical device and pharmaceutical industries, unlock new opportunities in clinical trials labeling, and offer a full range of solutions for customers to meet all their regulated labeling needs.”

If you'd like to find out more about this news, check out our press release announcement and be sure to check out our on-demand webinar.

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