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September 13, 2022


Loftware in the news - August 2022: food and beverage labeling, life sciences, and Convergence 2022

Laura Hindley

Senior PR and Communications Manager

During August, we secured media coverage for thought leadership articles and interviews across topics including marking and coding, food and beverage labeling, clinical trials, Artwork Management, and life sciences labeling. We also saw some pickup for our Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve award win for the second month running, as well as Convergence 2022 pre-registration.

Read on for key media coverage highlights from August 2022.

#1 Marking and coding systems moves into a new era. This Modern Materials Handling article includes an interview with Josh Roffman, Loftware SVP Marketing and Product Management, about advancements in the marking and coding space. View more here.

#2 Best practices for medical device labeling. MedTech Intelligence interviewed Loftware’s Laura Johnson, Director of Sales – Life Sciences, about common pain points in label development and maintenance, as well as best practices to help medical evice companies to stay compliant with the ever-changing and diverse range of medical device regulatory requirements around the globe. Read the full article here.

#3 Save the date for Convergence 2022. IT Supply Chain ran an article about Convergence 2022, the industry’s largest labeling and packaging artwork conference. Loftware’s fifth annual Convergence conference will bring together a wide range of inspiring presentations, discussion panels, solution tours, and customer use cases. It will also offer an opportunity to get insights on new trends and challenges impacting the labeling and packaging space. Discover more here.

#4 Improving labeling through cloud-based solutions. In this thought leadership article published by the Institute for Supply Management, Josh Roffman explores why labeling is no longer a tactical necessity, but an enabler for business growth and agile supply chain operations. View the full piece here.

#5 How food and beverage manufacturers can benefit from the cloud. Loftware’s Janez Sodja, Director of Field Sales – EMEA, explains how food and beverage manufacturers can benefit from cloud-based labeling in a thought leadership article published by CLH News. Read the full article here.

#6 Validation for life sciences companies. In August’s print edition of Frischelogistik, Frank Rissler, Loftware Director of Channel Sales – EMEA, covers the benefits of Enterprise Labeling for pharmaceutical companies. You can find the article on pages 34 and 35 here.

Keep up to date with Loftware’s media coverage by viewing our media coverage page.

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