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September 29, 2022


Lead with labeling software webinar: 3 key takeaways to turn supply chain challenges to your advantage

Mari Waldron

Director of Channel Marketing

Supply chain challenges are causing component shortages and shipping delays across industries and the AIDC space is no different. So, how can those selling AIDC solutions keep their revenues up when thermal printers, scanners, and mobile computers aren’t readily available? Is there a fix, perhaps even an obvious one? 

The short answer is yes! And this is something I explored with Lee Patty, Loftware’s Vice President of Channel Sales in the Americas, in a recent webinar for our channel partner community. We discussed why now is the time to pivot to lead with software solutions, explained how channel partners can future-proof their businesses amid a gloomy economic outlook, and revealed the tools that we have on offer to help our partners switch gears.  

Read on for three key takeaways from the webinar.  

#1 Projects delayed due to a lack of hardware. Projects are being delayed as vendors are failing to deliver hardware on time, which means that partners can't invoice until the job is complete. Some end-user customers will no doubt cancel their orders, costing businesses time and money. This has a direct impact on employee morale and cashflow. Due to component supply issues and delays, channel partners are being forced to use faster – but more expensive – methods of transport for their shipments, as end-user customers put the pressure on due to their own installation and project deadlines. According to one leading printer manufacturer, this disruption will have cost them in the region of $200 million by the end of 2022.   

#2 Now is the time to pivot and lead with software solutions. Channel partners should analyze their customer data, go back to the installed base, and offer their customers business transformation with a cloud-based labeling solution. With quick deployment times, lower upfront costs, easy access, and the ability to scale, cloud technology is a game-changer for unlocking value. An increasing number of business systems moving to the cloud in order to realize these benefits and labeling shouldn’t be any different. 

#3 Our success stories illustrate the benefits of the cloud. By adopting Loftware NiceLabel as their labeling solution, companies of all sizes have seen an improvement across their operations. For example, B. Braun reduced label approval time by 20-30%, RedBud Roots reduced its label printing time from one week to 90 minutes, and Co-op Food replaced 10 interfaces to different printing solutions with one system. So, it’s resoundingly clear; it pays to invest in a cloud-based labeling solution! 

A recording of this webinar is available to view on-demand here. Additionally, if you’d like to learn how you can become one of our valued channel partners – gaining access to a platform that surpasses competitive offerings through innovative technology – please visit our Channel Partner Program page 

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