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May 31, 2022


Introducing our new and improved website!

by Laura Hindley

After a lot of work behind the scenes, we’re excited to share our new and improved website with you! This new website features a modern design, improved functionality, and easy access to essential information that will help companies of all sizes to digitally transform their supply chains and solve business challenges.

I spoke with Loftware’s website team to find out a little more about the project, its goals, and what it means for customers and partners.

1. What’s the vision behind the new website?

Our new website integrates the Loftware and NiceLabel legacy sites and offers a consolidated experience through a unified platform that combines the very best parts of each site.

Now, we can reach all business segments and other interest groups, including enterprise, mid-size and small markets, partners, alliances, and verticals including life sciences, through one digital experience.

2. How will the new website benefit users?

Our design is more modern, intuitive, and provides a seamless user experience. Now you can find all our products under one roof, and we offer a simple navigation that’s easy to follow. Ultimately users can engage much better.

Our new website even offers the ability to recognize what industry visitors are coming from and automictically serves up relevant content to meet their needs. It will also be much easier and quicker for users to find the right resource with the option to filter by industry, content type, and important topics including SAP, Oracle, life sciences, and cloud.

3. Can you describe some of the new features for customers?

The website’s Customer Center will offer all the critical tools and resources necessary for our existing customers, including downloads, knowledge base training and tutorials, and technical support. It will also include Legacy LPS family-related resources. Most importantly, it will have extensive knowledge of how customers can migrate from LPS to the cloud.

4. What can our Partners expect from the new website?

The Partners section of the website will continue to serve our valuable channel and alliance partners too. Also, the new website fully supports our Digital Partner Program and promotes collaboration with our channel partners. Any partner using a UID referral link will be able to generate leads and e-commerce revenue. All existing UID links going to nicelabel.com will be automatically redirected to the new website.

5. Will the site be multi-language?

Yes, we will be rolling out multiple languages in June so regional users can expect to find translations in French, Italian, German, Spanish and more!

6. What’s next for the website?

Going forward, the website will be an ongoing project that we will continue to optimize to ensure that we are delivering the very best experience for all our users. Now that we’ve had the initial launch, we will continue to populate the site with more great resources, such as whitepapers, case studies, reports, and blogs. In addition to this, in the coming month we plan to introduce online chat functionality to give our customers an additional channel to communicate with us.

Also, during August, and as part of the next major update, we will offer a new and improved Partner Portal and driver downloads pages. Finally, the new site will offer product information on PRISYM 360 but we are planning additional integration of all PRISYM ID content during August.

We’re really pleased with what we’ve managed to achieve, and we’d love to hear what you think of the new website too!

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