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July 28, 2022


How Redbud Roots simplified compliance and sped up label production

Laura Hindley

PR & Content Manager

Redbud Roots, a US-based craft cannabis company, worked with Loftware and long-time partner Integrated Productivity Systems (IPSi) to upgrade its labeling system, so the company could respond rapidly to new regulations and create a scalable labeling process.  
Redbud Roots cultivates and manufactures medical cannabis and marijuana, as well as products for recreational use. Since its inception in 2017, the company has grown rapidly and has a printing volume of 4,000 – 6,000 labels a day, five days a week. Redbud Roots needed a labeling solution that could handle that volume and help them keep pace with ever-changing regulations.  
They selected Loftware NiceLabel Cloud because it gave them the scalability and flexibility they were looking for in a labeling system. As a result, Redbud Roots was able to reduce its label printing time from one week to 90 minutes.  
Here are three benefits Redbud Roots experienced by implementing Loftware NiceLabel Cloud:  
#1 A more efficient label creation process. Before Loftware NiceLabel Cloud, Redbud Roots’ graphic designer had to create a new label to match every single product-strain combination in their database, resulting in hundreds of labels. With Loftware NiceLabel Cloud, Redbud Roots can easily manage multiple product types (e.g., edibles, adult use, medical use, etc.) and product- and customer-specific requirements. All product information is stored in the database. When it’s time to print a label, users simply select a product on the print form, and the system automatically retrieves the right label, template, and strain information.  
#2 Proactive IT support. Things change quickly in the cannabis industry, and companies that can’t adapt to those changes get left behind. Having a cloud-based labeling solution enables IPSi to provide Redbud Roots with proactive IT support. IPSi can log on and make system changes in real-time, which gives Redbud Roots the rapid response time so critical to their success. 
#3 The ability to scale the business. Redbud Roots has three provisioning centers and a packaging facility. With a rapidly expanding business and product portfolio, they needed a system that was portable, one that employees could access from any location. Now they can easily scale Loftware NiceLabel Cloud across multiple buildings and facilities.      
Moving to Loftware NiceLabel Cloud gave Redbud Roots a scalable labeling system that supports their growing business, paving the way for further expansion and new product opportunities. To find out more about how Loftware NiceLabel Cloud helps Redbud Roots stay competitive, and how it can benefit your organization as well, check out the full case study.  

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