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November 17, 2022


Cloud Labeling for Dummies eBook: Supercharge your labeling and boost supply chain health

Laura Hindley

Senior PR & Communications Manager

Moving enterprise applications and functions to the cloud is a smart approach to managing today’s complex and ever-changing landscape. With quick deployment times, lower upfront costs, easy access, unmatched scalability, and impressive flexibility, it’s clear that it pays to invest in a cloud-based system. As such, many companies are currently running digital transformation programs that include moving core business applications to the cloud. However, it’s vital that labeling be considered as part of that process.

The benefits of cloud-based labeling

Cloud labeling helps your supply chain and operations stay nimble enough to deal with change. It automates manual error-prone processes, centralizes and standardizes siloed functions, and allows remote players to design, approve, and print labels anywhere. It integrates your labeling directly with data sources of truth and enables labeling to be extended to partners. It also makes global regulatory and customer compliance a whole lot less of a conundrum.

As your business deals with the many challenges of the day — geopolitical uncertainty, natural disasters, labor shortages, and more — your success depends on supply chain agility. Cloud labeling ensures that you can adapt and shift as needed, without being hung up on labeling issues.

Your one-stop guide for moving labeling to the cloud

Cloud Labeling for Dummies, Loftware Special Edition, is your guide for moving your labeling to cloud-based technologies and reaping the full benefit. It introduces the concept of Enterprise Labeling, which unites all your labeling and integrates it with the business applications that generate the data. It spells out the benefits of a centralized and standardized approach that can then be ramped up across the globe. And it offers tips for getting started.

This book is brought to you by pioneers in labeling technology, with longtime expertise in Enterprise Labeling. You’ll learn about a cloud-based approach from experts who have firsthand experience in bringing labeling to the cloud. It’s both an introduction and a roadmap toward truly tapping into the power of labeling — not just for efficiency, but for business growth.

If you’re still wondering how your company can benefit from adopting a cloud-based approach to labeling, download this new eBook for free today!

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