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January 28, 2021


NiceLabel + Loftware = a great business growth opportunity for channel partners

Paul Vogt

At NiceLabel, we pride ourselves on our long-standing relationships with our channel partners. When we look back over the course of the past decade, we notice two things. One, we’ve experienced very little drop-off amongst our channel partners. In fact, the top 30 partners we had in 2012 are still major partners for us today. Two, we also see that our partners grow their business with us over time. They sell more products, and they sell more advanced versions of our label management software. Last year was no exception. Despite the global pandemic, our top 30 partners grew their NiceLabel business by 22%. That’s exceptional, and these numbers tell a clear story of consistent, mutual growth.

Which brings us to the next chapter in our growth story: the combination of NiceLabel and Loftware announced earlier this year. What does this latest development mean for our long history of growing together? Well, to quote NiceLabel CEO, Chris Walsh, “This is a story that is all about a growth opportunity for NiceLabel, and a business opportunity for our channel partners. This combination of two leaders with strong growth records in two distinct sections of the market will translate into a tremendous opportunity for our partners to grow their business with us and through us.”

Identifying the opportunities for channel partners 

While this list is by no means exhaustive, we’ve pulled out five ways that this combination can translate into new growth opportunities for your business. Some are more tangible than others, but the main idea is to see the possibilities and take advantage of them. 

  1. Partner with the largest global brand & presence in the market. We’re #1 in Europe in label management and cloud solutions. Loftware is #1 in North America in enterprise labeling. With this combination, you get an effective presence across more verticals and account sizes. Our combined ability to solve the labeling challenges for companies of all sizes, in all industries and in all regions will give you unparalleled market reach. As one printer manufacturer commented, “Incredibly exciting news!  This combination clearly establishes you as the foremost solution for enterprise labeling.”
  2. More leads and opportunities. You can look forward to more qualified leads and opportunities. By combining our skill-sets, we expect to create more opportunities for you, as we increase our market penetration. One of our US partners who attended the webinar could see the potential, stating, “I am excited to have a good shot at farming the Loftware base.” 
  3. More support and education. You can also look forward to more pre- and post-sales support, and a much larger range of reference customers. With the combination of the NiceLabel and Loftware marketing teams, you will also have access to the leading marketing team in the industry. 
  4. Accelerated innovation. When we double our resources and increase our investment power, this will inevitably lead to more innovation. We will be talking to more customers and partners, which will give us a bigger picture and a better understanding of what the market needs. We can then use our combined development power to address those needs. Our partners are already seeing the potential. As one stated, “The combination is an opportunity to take your market-leading technology to another level.”
  5. Expanded product portfolio. You will also benefit from more products to bring to your customers. Artwork software is the most immediate example of an existing product in Loftware’s portfolio, which we hope to offer to our existing partners. Increased innovation will also lead to additional products. We believe the market is under-penetrated, and that software is the key to unlocking the market’s potential. It’s as one US partner commented, ‘We will continue to commit resources – software is becoming a bigger and bigger part of our business.’

Continued commitment to the channel

There are things that won’t change as a result of this combination. Our products, including Label Cloud and Label Cloud Compliance, will continue, as will our commitment to the channel. Bob O’Connor, CEO at Loftware, said it best, “We will be entirely committed to the channel. We pledge to work closely with you to continue to grow our combined businesses, so we can take advantage of the tremendous opportunity that is in the market.”

To learn about the NiceLabel’s partnership program, visit www.nicelabel.com/partners/partner-program. If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact me at paul.vogt@nicelabel.com.  

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