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June 29, 2021


Is it safe to manage my labeling in the Cloud?

Susan Gosnell

Countless organizations recognize the benefits of the Cloud. In fact, many companies wouldn’t have been able to continue operations during the global pandemic without Cloud-based software and services. However, some are still hesitant to move systems with sensitive information to the Cloud, such as their labeling system. They wonder, “Is our label information really safe in the Cloud?”

At NiceLabel, we know the importance of protecting sensitive information. Every day, we help life sciences, food & beverage and chemical companies set up secure, Cloud-based labeling operations.  As a company, we also know what it means to live up to high quality standards. We’re ISO 9001-certified, and we continually examine and improve our internal quality processes and procedures to make sure they live up to the current best-practice business standards and requirements.

How we keep your labels safe

Label Cloud is hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform, with its reliable, world-class infrastructure and availability. We have also conducted third-party security audits of our software and internal practices and protocols. Each time we release a new software update to Label Cloud, we conduct external security and penetration testing to make sure the version is secure before we release it to our customers.

Giving Label Cloud customers peace of mind

NiceLabel is also a member of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). Each time we install Label Cloud, we work together with the customer using the CSA’s Cloud Control Matrix. This self-assessment tool helps our customers decide which security controls they need to implement. They can use the tool to evaluate the security of our Cloud services, and to make sure the implementation meets their own security criteria.    

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