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May 28, 2021


How Domtar standardized labeling to delight customers

Susan Gosnell

“Through acquisitions, we had a lot of different manufacturing systems and a couple sales systems and that caused some challenges and discrepancies with labeling. We really didn’t have very good integration with labeling and our sales and execution systems. Customer specific information was hard to put on the labels.”

This is how Kelly McCarthy, Supervisor of Manufacturing Execution Systems, IT Manufacturing Services at Domtar described their labeling process prior to implementing NiceLabel’s Label Management System. Not having integration with business systems that house label data is a common frustration for many manufacturers, and in Domtar’s case, it also impacted label and brand consistency and customer service level agreements. 

To address these challenges and improve customer service, Domtar standardized labeling on our Label Management System. This helped them to:

  • Seamlessly integrate with their MES and sales systems
  • Deliver consistent customer facing product labels
  • Reduce hundreds of label templates to 20
  • Facilitate faster label change requests
  • Maintain production uptime SLAs that support a 24×7 operation

Listen to Kelly share Domtar’s complete labeling use case in this webinar recording