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June 7, 2021


All I need is a label designer – and other common labeling misconceptions

Sandy Borchert

When we talk to companies about label management, one of the most common objections we hear is, “All I need is a label designer.” We get it. Our label designer is still one of our most popular products. However, we often find that what starts out with a need to design labels more quickly and efficiently, ends up being a need to rethink the entire label management process. Here’s why.

The changing face of manufacturing

For decades, manufacturers were able to make do with traditional desktop label designers. Operations were local, applications home grown and business moved at a predictable pace. Fast-forward to the 21st century, and the manufacturing landscape looks quite different. Production is often spread out over multiple locations, time zones and even continents, and often includes contract manufacturers and other third-party suppliers. Speed and agility are now necessities to compete in an increasingly global marketplace. Operations need to be scalable, and adaptable to allow for shutdowns, quarantines and remote working.

No label is an island

Added to these changes is the very nature of labeling. Labeling is not an isolated process. It touches product lifecycle management, warehouse inventory, enterprise resource planning and much more. Designing labels more quickly is really just the tip of the iceberg. True process improvement comes from examining the entire label lifecycle, from label creation to printing and maintenance.

Achieving this level of label process improvement doesn’t have to take hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless man-hours. Label Cloud helps businesses of all sizes transform their entire labeling process quickly, and at a fraction of the cost of on-premise installations. With Label Cloud, you can:

  1. easily design barcode labels in minutes.
  2. centrally store your labels and access them from anywhere.
  3. guarantee accuracy by integrating labeling with your product data.
  4. easily scale label printing across your entire business.

Put simply, Label Cloud is the simplest way to transform your labeling. Find out how your business can benefit from putting labeling in the Cloud. Download our Label Cloud eBook.

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