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October 13, 2020


Label Cloud helps IAE build a future-proof labeling solution

Mari Waldron

“The fact that we could have labeling in the Cloud gave us a lot more flexibility in terms of integrations and APIs. When you’re integrating with many sources, this is the better way. Maintenance and software updates are just handled, it’s a lot easier to manage and is more cost-effective.”

That’s how Daniel Mycock, IT Manager at IAE summed up the benefits of implementing a Cloud-based labeling solution. IAE is the UK’s leading manufacturer of livestock handling equipment, equestrian stabling, steel fencing and shelters. After a period of robust growth, the company found themselves at a bit of an IT crossroads.

The bespoke applications that they had created to keep costs down, were now more of a hindrance than a help. Labels had to be hard-coded into their warehouse management system, a manual approach that led to hundreds of label variations. It also meant that making any changes to the labels was both costly and time-consuming. IAE realized that they needed to adopt a best-practice approach to labeling, and find a flexible labeling system that they could adjust to their needs.

By implementing NiceLabel’s Label Cloud solution, and integrating labeling with their other Cloud-based business systems, IAE was able to:

  • Move label design in-house
  • Process label changes faster
  • Implement a best-practice approach to labeling
  • Gain full visibility of their business processes

According to Jeremy Annable, IAE’s Business Systems Manager, NiceLabel has helped the company improve security and solve a number of their IT challenges. “As it stood before, we were at a dead-end. Now we’ve got control over the design of the labels, how we do it and which printer we put them to.” Integrating labeling with the company’s AutoCAD and ERP systems has also helped increase accuracy and operational efficiency. “NiceLabel helps us to gather together the right information and put it in front of people at the right time,” Jeremy states.

Find out how IAE used Label Cloud to achieve these benefits and implement a best-practice approach to labeling in the Cloud. Read the case study.

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