Loftware WebAccess™

Extend your enterprise labeling throughout your supply chain

Enable Partners to Access and Print Your Labels

Loftware WebAccess (LWA) empowers you to extend your enterprise labeling throughout your supply chain. A browser-based interface enables your suppliers, partners, and remote users to access and print your labels, which helps combat mislabeling, improves labeling consistency, and avoids costly relabeling. LWA's design makes a robust plug and play remote printing system possible when combined with Loftware's renowned LPS® printing infrastructure and open system web-based server technologies.

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Advanced User Authentication and Role-Based Security

LWA provides secure access to label printing through username and password process authentication. It works with existing corporate active directories, such as LDAP, to limit label printing function to access to authorized users, and it uses SSL cryptographic protocols to provide secure communication over the enterprise WAN/LAN network or Internet. It also offers full Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) to restrict individual user access to label templates and label printers for which permission has been granted. 

Ensure Label and Brand Consistency

With LWA, you provide remote users with 'read-only' access to the same label templates that are designed using Loftware Label' Manager and used in your production environment. This ensures that users performing on-demand print functions are accessing and printing the latest, approved labels that adhere to corporate labeling and brand guidelines. Updates or changes to label templates can be done centrally and made immediately available to your remote users.

Streamlined Support and Maintenance

LWA eliminates the need to deploy and manage client software on the user work station, thereby lowering IT desktop management costs. All upgrades occur globally at the server level and are automatically available to all users without requiring IT staff to install upgraded software.


Rethink Labeling

Explore the wide range of benefits Loftware Print Server and Loftware Label Manager customers have achieved by moving to Spectrum. You too can seamlessly migration to the industry’s most powerful Enterprise Labeling Solution to easily create, manage and print labels throughout your organization.

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