Empowering You to Meet Global Compliance Mandates

To play a role in any supply chain, companies must communicate with their providers, partners, and customers using the most effective and universal technology. Today, businesses rely on the synergy of RFID and barcode technologies. Loftware's Print Server (Premier Edition + RFID) offers you the ability to create highly configurable labels and RFID Smart Labels. Loftware's integrated, multi-device platform encodes both Smart Labels and RF Tags to perform key supply chain tasks, including building, receiving, and verifying pallets.

Immediate Productivity

Companies looking to implement a pilot program, or even those with immediate needs based on retail or DoD compliance mandates, can start producing and encoding RFID labels and tags almost immediately and go right into production on a massive scale. An intuitive graphical user interface and extensive documentation combine to accelerate system design, even for those with limited knowledge of RFID technology. Users can start from scratch or convert existing barcode labels.

Proven Enterprise-Wide Integration

Loftware's RFID Solutions allow companies to test and operate multiple hardware devices with a single software solution, giving you more flexibility to find the appropriate hardware systems for your environment. By providing a scalable enterprise-class technology platform. Loftware enables top performance, manageability, enterprise integration, and compliance with diverse regulatory requirements.


Supported RFID Printers