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Loftware Web Services™ 2.4

Release Notes: January 2011

New Features/Enhancements

    • Added support for installation of Loftware WebAccess on Windows Server 2008 (R2)
    • Added support for Oracle 11g as the Role Based Access Control (RBAC) database
    • Added access to all labels and printers for the default administrator
Note: Updated a requirement to version 1.6_21 of the Java Runtime. If you are upgrading from a previous version of
WebAccess, upgrade to this version of the Java Runtime.
Note: Updated a requirement to version 6.0.29 of Apache Tomcat. If you are upgrading from a previous version of
WebAccess, upgrade to this version of Apache Tomcat.

Bug Fixes

  • Dashes (-) are now supported in rule names
  • The Remember Across Labels Update Method now works properly with Loftware WebAccess On Demand
  • You can now use the apostrophe (’) in first names, last names, and user names
  • Invalid rules cannot be saved
  • Session timeout handling was improved
  • Data entry using scanners was improved
  • Labels with only fixed text fields now print properly.

Known Issues

  • Loftware WebAccess will not install if you attempt to use Postgres Plus® Standard Server. Loftware supports PostgreSQL version 8.4.x.

Loftware Web Services™ 2.3

Release Notes: April 2010

New Features

  • Added support for IBM WebSphere Application server.

Loftware Web Services™ 2.2

Release Notes: February 2010

New Features

  • Added and updated function calls that can be used to retrieve the number of free and used web services
    and end-user licenses.


  • LDAP now handles the ‘\,’ character sequence in the common name (CN) of a distinguished name (DN) for ‘Search First’ mode.

Bug Fixes

  • Loftware Web Services calls to invalid labels (such as labels of zero file size) are now handled correctly
  • Deleting a rule, role, user, or group now completely removes it from the database, so that a new rule, role, user, or group with the same name can then be added.

Loftware Web Services™ 2.1.1

Release Notes: May 2009

Bug Fixes

  • Changed the license key for Loftware Web Services™ so that Loftware WebAccess™ seats are not required to run
    Loftware Web Services™

Loftware Web Services™ 2.1

Release Notes: November 2008


  • SOAP based industry–standard web services for label printing and security administration
  • Role based access control (RBAC) – authentication and authorization
  • Web Services interfaces enables integration with the Loftware Print Server® from any (.Net, JAVA or other) application