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Manage security and access across global deployments

Use Spectrum to manage users, roles and access across your entire organization. You can control who has access to which system capabilities, such as label design, printing and business intelligence. And you can go even further, configuring user access to specific labels, applications and printers. It’s everything you need to manage your Enterprise Labeling process globally.


Flexibility to control labeling from headquarters
to remote locations and beyond


Control access using role-based security

Build logical groups by administration, access control, segregation of duties or segregation of assets. You can also create groups by geography, business unit and product line.


Manage labeling centrally, locally or both

Spectrum gives you global oversight, so you can manage your labeling centrally. And it supports local administration as well, so individual sites can manage users, printers and labels at the local level.


Securely extend labeling to third parties

Spectrum’s role-based access control also enables you to extend labeling activities to suppliers, partners and vendors.

Make life easy for your users and IT support with single sign-on

Spectrum supports single sign-on (SSO), streamlining access to Spectrum via standard, third-party authentication so your users don’t have to worry about remembering yet another username/password. 


Keep users informed about system status

Administrators can view and control user sessions for ad hoc or planned system maintenance. This allows you to broadcast important system notices or planned downtime to inform users, so they may plan accordingly. 


Secure your labeling deployment in the Cloud

When deployed in the cloud, Spectrum provides additional advanced security capabilities and leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS) to protect your data and maintain availability.


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