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Meet evolving customer requirements

Customer, industry, regulatory and regional requirements are increasing in complexity. Spectrum helps you respond more quickly to these changing demands to your labeling. With Spectrum, you can manage label variability with business logic you configure. 


Manage label variability with ease


Configure business rules that match your labeling requirements

Spectrum includes a Business Rules Configurator with a drag-and-drop interface, which makes it easy for non-technical business users to build business logic into the system.


Streamline rule creation and approvals

Spectrum’s workflow and versioning capabilities help you streamline the approval and application of business rules


No custom programming required

With Spectrum’s configurable business rules, business users can implement changes and new requirements without having to build custom logic in the enterprise applications that provide label data.

Update labels in hours, not days

With Loftware Spectrum, you can leverage the data from your systems of record and configure rules that dynamically change label content based on that data. This streamlines label formatting and printing so you can easily manage regional, language, regulatory and customer specific requirements. Changes and updates can be made by business users in hours or days rather than months so that you can quickly meet new requirements.


Use business logic to work more efficiently

Business rules can execute logic such as gathering data for a label, selecting a device for a label, or determining the information that needs to be printed on a label. You decide what rules and decisions need to be made based on your data and your processes. Sample business rule components are available as a starting point and previously created business rules can be reused, so business users can quickly build and adapt business logic as necessary for their labeling applications and processes.


Reduce the number of label templates you need

Configurable business logic also reduces the number of labels you need to create and manage. Rather than creating new templates for every label variation, you can create one template with business rules and dynamic data-driven content.  


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