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For Single Site, Smaller Businesses

Easily start producing professional labels

An easy-to-use cloud-based label design tool that gives you the easiest out-of-the-box label printing experience. Quickly produce professional labels without making investments in training and coding!

Experience the Power of Labeling in the Cloud

Why label with NiceLabel?


Design your labels or use one of the predefined label templates


Familiar, Microsoft Word-like user experience for labeling


Same label template for any printer brand and model


Fast and simple data connectivity


Secure cloud-based label storage


Easy collaboration with your coworkers

Very positive. Some of the best customer support that I've ever experienced. Up-to-date web platform that is feature rich and will be able to support current industry trends of cloud-based software and integrations.

Dominic G.


NiceLabel is very intuitive software for beginners. Interface is very user friendly and easy to find functions.

Olivia P.

R&D/QA Engineer

Everything you need to get started and get the job done quickly

  • Design labels
  • Store labels
  • Print labels

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Frequently Asked Questions

NiceLabel Cloud Designer is a professional and affordable label design solution that enables small businesses to easily create, store, and print professional labels in just minutes rather than hours. As such, it is the simplest, yet most comprehensive, cloud labeling solution for small businesses.  Also, with NiceLabel Cloud Designer, businesses gain access to a smooth and seamless software upgrade path should they ever need to transition to a more comprehensive edition of NiceLabel Cloud as they grow and expand. 

Please contact Loftware or a Loftware NiceLabel supplier to buy NiceLabel Cloud Designer.

You can print as many labels as you want, there is no label quantity-based limitation in place.  

NiceLabel Cloud Designer users benefit from one of the most secure cloud platforms available in the market, Microsoft Azure. With NiceLabel Cloud, you know your label data is very well protected and secure. 

NiceLabel Cloud Designer completes the NiceLabel Cloud product line as the entry-level product.  As you grow and your labeling needs change, you may need to upgrade to a more comprehensive NiceLabel Cloud edition (NiceLabel Cloud Essentials, Business or Compliance). Regardless of the upgrade path you choose, we ensure a smooth transition.

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