Integrate Labeling for Any Enterprise Applications

Integrate your business-critical applications with the Loftware Print Server to provide a Single Source of Truth. With the powerful business logic of Loftware's Universal Connector, any organization is able to easily automate the most complex and high volume barcode label printing requirements.

Apply Business Logic and Optimize Your Labeling Processes

The Universal Connector includes a built-in, configurable rules engine that can dynamically change label templates, look up external data, and make customer-specific changes to your existing labeling processes. This occurs without additional coding which adds flexibility to label printing and intelligence to your file drop process.

Customize for Any Business Application

Robust APIs empower you to integrate all your enterprise applications, including homegrown and custom systems, with your barcode printing infrastructure without changing existing business processes. The Universal Connector's multi-threaded architecture enables printing to multiple printers simultaneously while ensuring fast and reliable label production via support of load dividing, automatic failover, and notification of label printing failure.

Highlights of the Universal Connector:

  • Add enterprise level, intelligent integration between business-critical applications and the Loftware Print Server(s)
  • Eliminate labeling maintenance programming through menu-driven configuration tools to manage label business logic
  • Ensure fast and reliable label production via support of load dividing, automatic failover, and automatic notification of label printing failure
  • Enable label data collection from multiple applications and databases
  • Reduce time needed to respond to label printing requirement changes


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