Integrate Your Labeling with Oracle

Many of the world's top companies depend on Oracle applications to run their businesses, and they rely on barcode labels to support key business processes and accurately manage goods throughout the supply chain. Meeting ever-changing labeling requirements, maintaining labeling consistency, managing countless label variations, and addressing throughput demands necessitate a different way of approaching labeling in your Oracle environment. Loftware's Enterprise Labeling Solutions integrate your barcode labeling processes with Oracle applications, offering an unprecedented level of flexibility and power to create, manage, and print mission-critical labels across your supply chain.


Enterprise Class Labeling via Oracle Validated Integration (OVI)

Loftware enables you to drive enterprise labeling directly from your Oracle environment via an OVI certified solution that is validated with Oracle's E-Business Suite. You can leverage the power of applications such as Oracle Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Mobile Supply Chain Applications (MSCA) to source label data without having to alter your existing business processes. Loftware's out of the box integration enables high-volume barcode label printing directly from any Oracle based application, to virtually any printer, while returning real-time print status updates back to the user.


Less Complexity, More Power and Flexibility

Loftware's business rules engine provides limitless flexibility in supporting the complexities of enterprise labeling from Oracle applications. Configurable business rules enable you to dramatically reduce the number of label templates used while allowing you to dynamically alter label content (images, warnings, languages, etc.), print multiple and different labels from a single request, pull data from other data sources, and automatically select printers.


Meet Evolving Customer and Regulatory Labeling Requirements

The velocity of label changes required by customers and regulatory bodies across the supply chain is continually increasing. Loftware provides an industry leading label design application that enables users to quickly create and easily maintain even the most complex labels for your Oracle environment. In addition to designing or updating labels with unprecedented speed, with Loftware you can be assured that the labels you design are optimized for native output to over one thousand different print devices.



Barcode Labeling with Oracle
Labeling with Oracle - White Paper
Enter or Remove Description Today’s global supply chains are more complex than ever. To manage their dynamics, and stay ahead of the competition, leading companies have turned to Oracle to optimize their supply chains. This maximizes efficiencies and extends the possibility that the supply chain offers to achieve healthier top and bottom lines. Forward-thinking organizations are also starting to recognize that labeling plays a direct role in achieving these results.

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