Enterprise Labeling for the Oracle Cloud

For nearly 20 years, leading global companies have been optimizing their global supply chains by leveraging Oracle Supply Chain solutions with Loftware Enterprise Labeling Solutions to improve accuracy and consistency, save time and meet ever-evolving requirements. Today, Loftware's cloud-based Enterprise labeling Solution, Loftware Spectrum, offers unrivaled labeling capabilities that integrate with Oracle Cloud to support business processes that drive labeling and to enable high speed label printing. Our solution offers an unprecedented level of flexibility and power to create, manage, and print mission-critical labels across your supply chain.

Integrating With Your Oracle Applications

Whether it’s providing an OVI certified integration for Oracle EBS or the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, Loftware is committed to meeting your labeling needs for both cloud and on premise deployments. Loftware Spectrum offers the flexibility to seamlessly integrate across the Oracle portfolio, EBS, EBS on Oracle Cloud, Oracle ERP or SCM Cloud Apps, or JDE EnterpriseOne.

Draw Data From Sources of Truth

When you integrate labeling with Oracle, you leverage existing business processes and vital data sources to achieve label accuracy and consistency—while eliminating duplication of data and the need to retrain users.

Integration Without Added Costs

A robust Enterprise Labeling Solution with the Oracle integration removes added costs or risks when migrating from your existing Oracle application to the Oracle cloud.

Standardize to Simplify

Deploy in a centralized, distributed or hybrid model for total flexibility--while leveraging common data sources, templates and configurations.

Controlled Agility

Manage access, workflows, approvals and version control with ease to efficiently comply with corporate, customer and global label requirements.

Dramatically Reduce Costs, Streamline Maintenance

A configurable business rules engine supports the changing complexities of labeling without having to rewrite code. Empower business users to dynamically update labels to easily manage mass label changes and significantly reduce the number of templates to manage.

Enable Customer Responsiveness

Customers in the supply chain are looking for an immediate response to their labeling requirements. Enterprise Labeling integrated with Oracle applications provides controlled access so select users—not just IT—can update the most complex labels in minutes not weeks or months.

Comply With Regulations And Industry Standards

Keep up with evolving global requirements, quickly and efficiently, by pulling data, symbologies, warnings, etc. from Oracle and other master data sources. Avoid fines and supply chain disruptions while entering new markets with greater confidence.

Scale Globally As Needs Grow

Whether adding new locations or expanding customer reach, it’s important that labeling communicate across your full printer landscape, which may include thousands of different printers—all of which need to work with a centralized labeling solution.


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Barcode Labeling with Oracle
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Today’s global supply chains are more complex than ever. To manage their dynamics, and stay ahead of the competition, leading companies have turned to Oracle to optimize their supply chains. This maximizes efficiencies and extends the possibility that the supply chain offers to achieve healthier top and bottom lines. Forward-thinking organizations are also starting to recognize that labeling plays a direct role in achieving these results.
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