Reduce Costs, Improve Time to Market.

The Retail industry can be volatile and highly competitive with a complex, multi-tiered supply chain and a long list of packaging requirements. By implementing a standardized labeling and packaging artwork solutions, retailers are able to make achieve consistent branding, reduce excessive artwork revisions, improve collaboration, eliminate data redundancy and unreliable manual processes, and improve overall efficiencies.

Enterprise Labeling for Retail

The right Enterprise Labeling Solution lets companies throughout the Retail supply chain turn labeling into a high-value, strategic element of the overall manufacturing and distribution process. When you can integrate barcode labeling for retail with the business processes you already use, you can:

  • Automate and centralize retail labeling to improve accuracy and eliminate complex, error-prone data replication
  • React faster to changing customer, regional and regulatory requirements—avoid costly fines and delays
  • Easily build and share templates that comply with regulatory standards bodies
  • Support serialization and other technologies to further increase efficiency, help prevent counterfeiting
  • Extend labeling to suppliers, contract manufacturers, 3PLs to eliminate relabeling—save millions in inventory costs
  • Leverage standardized enterprise-wide labeling and GS1 standards to improve traceability in event of a recall

Artwork Management for Retail

The right Artwork Management Solution lets Retail companies take control of product packaging processes to easily meet customer and regulatory requirements and reduce time to market. By implementing an automated Artwork Management process to manage packaging artwork throughout the product lifecycle, you can:

  • Enable digital workflows to streamline projects and enable task control for cross-functional teams responsible for new product development, product lifecycle management and artwork approval activities to substantially reduce time to market
  • Manage your end to end critical path with real time access on project status for all your stakeholders to offer visibility regarding potential delays or process bottlenecks
  • Simplify with control stagegate processes from idea to launch to increase efficiencies and determine which projects make should launch based on the shifting state of the market
  • Control projects while anticipating typical challenges and delays with advanced workflows and dynamic platform to track and manage changes
  • Email notifications and alerts ensure timely task management and collaboration to speed time to market
  • Drive continuous improvements with insight into packaging artwork workflows with business intelligence and KPI reporting
  • Empower business users to easily make changes to labels without affecting upstream systems - rapid, on-demand changes in color, branding, even language help you meet evolving requirements while adhering to critical time-to-market goals

 No wonder many of leading Retail companies rely on Loftware Solutions. Loftware Spectrum and Loftware Smartflow give you the power and flexibility to meet changing customer and regulatory requirements, improve response times and reduce overall costs - all while driving greater efficiencies across your extended supply chain and helping you reduce time to market. You can comply with customer and regulatory demands to keep product moving quickly —even across international boundaries.

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