Manufacturing Labeling

More and more manufacturers are looking at labeling as a strategic component of their supply chain. And for good reason. With a standardized, enterprise labeling solution, manufacturing companies worldwide are able to make shipments more traceable, achieve consistent branding, reduce regulatory costs, eliminate data redundancy, and improve overall efficiencies.

The right Enterprise Labeling solution lets companies turn labeling into a high-value function as part of the overall manufacturing and supply chain operation. By tightly integrating labeling with business processes you already use, you can:

  • Automate and centralize labeling to improve accuracy and eliminate complex, error-prone data replication
  • React faster to changing customer, regional and regulatory requirements—avoid costly fines and delays
  • Easily design, update and share label templates to reduce template maintenance and save tremendous time
  • Support RFID labeling, serialization and other technologies to further increase efficiency, help prevent counterfeiting
  • Extend labeling to multi-tier suppliers, 3PLs to eliminate relabeling—save millions in inventory costs
  • Leverage standardized enterprise-wide labeling to improve traceability in event of a recall

As needs change—like they always do—you can empower business users to easily make changes to labels without affecting upstream systems. Rapid, on-demand changes in color, branding, even language help you meet evolving requirements while adhering to your critical time-to-market goals.

No wonder many of the leading manufacturing companies rely on Loftware Enterprise Labeling Solutions. By driving labeling straight from ERP, MES, WMS and other enterprise applications, those “sources of truth,” the label is always accurate. You can comply with customer and regulatory demands to keep product moving—even across international boundaries.

Learn more and download the brochure Enterprise Labeling for the Manufacturing Industry.

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