Automate Labeling and Artwork to  Spark Huge Savings

More and more manufacturers are looking for ways to automate processes and keep up with technology and changing customer and regulatory demands while saving millions of dollars in materials handling. With standardized labeling and packaging solutions, manufacturing companies worldwide are able to make shipments more traceable, improve collaboration, reduce regulatory costs, eliminate data redundancy, and improve overall efficiencies.

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Best Practices

Loftware’s combined platform–whether for labeling, artwork management or both – enables customers to uniquely meet regulatory mandates, mitigate risk, reduce complexity, ensure traceability, improve time to market and optimize costs as they meet customer-specific, brand, regional and regulatory requirements with unprecedented speed and agility.

Control Stagegate Processes

Simplify processes from idea to launch to determine which should release based on the shifting state of the market. Manage end-to-end critical path with real time access and visibility to avoid potential delays and bottlenecks.


Extend Labeling and Artwork to Suppliers

Extend labeling and packaging artwork to suppliers, co-packers and 3PLs to improve collaboration and eliminate relabeling. This access to labeling helps to save millions in inventory costs and reduces time to market.

Draw Data From Sources     of Truth

Leverage existing business processes and vital data sources to achieve label accuracy and consistency. Integration to reliable sources of truth also eliminates duplication of data and the need to retrain users.

Reduce Maintenance and Empower Users

Empower business users to easily make changes to labels and packaging artwork without IT and without affecting upstream systems - offering rapid, on-demand changes in color, branding, language/regional and more.

Drive Continuous Improvements

Access a solution that provides full auditing and reporting capabilities, with business intelligence to monitor and track all labeling and packaging activity - gain insight on existing processes and significantly reduce time to market.

Enable Data-Driven Labeling and Streamline Content

Dynamic, data-driven labeling enables users to manage a single template for a range of labeling variations to support increasing complex requirements. Also, easily update requirements to meet varied needs of multiple customers.

No wonder many of leading Manufacturing companies rely on Loftware Solutions. Loftware Spectrum and Loftware Smartflow give you the power and flexibility to meet changing customer and regulatory requirements, improve response times and reduce costs - all while driving greater efficiencies across your extended supply chain and helping you easily support new languages, new market requirements and quickly expand usage across international boundaries. You can comply with customer and regulatory demands to keep product moving quickly.

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