Enable Compliance, Mitigate Errors and Improve Traceability 

Optimizing the food and beverage supply chain and improving time to market for product releases is more challenging than ever. As the industry has become more global, companies require solutions that help sustain compliance, improve traceability to manage recalls, improve time to market and reduce costs.  

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Best Practices

Loftware’s combined platform–whether for barcode labeling, artwork management or both – enables customers to uniquely meet regulatory mandates, mitigate risk, reduce complexity, ensure traceability, improve time to market and optimize costs as they meet customer-specific, brand, regional and regulatory requirements with unprecedented speed and agility.

Enable Regulatory Compliance

Minimizing risk of errors leading to costly recalls and fines is critical. Whether adhering to FDA nutrition labeling requirements, EU regulation 1169 or the impending Natasha’s Law, you need a solution that helps meet requirements with agility. 

Extend Access to Your Supply Chain

Provide easy access of labelling and packaging artwork to ensure that suppliers and co-packers include the information needed in the format required to eliminate re-labeling and help speed production.

Integrate with Sources of Truth

In an industry where data and traceability is becoming increasingly important, leveraging data from your business applications ensures your label data is consistent and reliable, streamlining processes and helping you to avoid costly recalls.

Manage Multiple Variations

With so many products in production, you need to optimize labeling and artwork processes to easily make changes and manage potential chaos, while reducing time to market and ensuring your business can cope with an increasing number of SKUs.

Automate Review and Approvals

As product ranges continue to grow,  artwork review and approvals increase. Eliminate manual processes to create transparency and accountability, while improving accuracy and reducing time to market.

Manage Recalls Effectively

In the event that you need to recall a product, it's critical that your labeling and packaging processes support traceability and allow you to react quickly to identify associated product lines.

No wonder many leading Food and Beverage companies rely on Loftware Solutions. Loftware Spectrum and Loftware Smartflow give you the power and flexibility to meet changing customer and regulatory requirements, improve response times and reduce overall costs - all while driving greater efficiencies across your extended supply chain and helping you reduce time to market and manage critical recalls. You can comply with customer and regulatory demands to keep product moving quickly —even across international boundaries.


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