Chemical Labeling

Be Agile with Change, Contain Rising Costs

With international regulations and customer requirements constantly changing, the need for accurate and dependable barcode labeling and any product packaging for Chemicals is critical. Countless revisions to rules defined by the EPA, REACH and OSHA (such as GHS, HCS, etc.) are hard enough to manage, but you also have to contend with the demands of customers and partners in the global supply chain.  Failure to meet requirements can result in fines, penalties, recalls and lost business.

Chemical Labeling Done Right

The right automated and configurable solution lets companies throughout the Chemical supply chain take control of product packaging processes and turn labeling into a high-value, strategic element of the overall manufacturing and distribution process. By automating your processes and tightly integrating chemical labeling with existing business applications you can take control of your product lifecycle to easily meet regulatory requirements and reduce time to market. 

  • Automate and centralize labeling to improve accuracy and eliminate complex data replication and error prone manual processes
  • Respect and leverage “sources of record” to comply with GHS, OSHA and REACH/CLP
  • Easily design and adjust chemical labels to support drum, package and vial containers
  • Reduce label template and artwork maintenance by securely sharing labels and GHS label templates across the organization
  • Adapt and expand labeling operations—the face to your customer—more easily in the event of mergers and acquisitions
  • Extend barcode labeling and artwork management to tollers, partners, 3PLs to eliminate relabeling—save millions in inventory costs
  • Leverage standardized enterprise-wide approach to track and trace product, instantly
  • Control projects while anticipating typical challenges and delays with advanced digital workflows and dynamic platform to track and manage changes to chemical barcode labels and packaging artwork
  • Empower business users to easily make changes to labels and artwork without affecting upstream systems - rapid, on-demand changes in color, branding, language and other requirements
  • Drive continuous improvements with insight into labeling and packaging artwork workflows with business intelligence and KPI reporting

No wonder many of the leading companies dealing with Chemicals rely on Loftware Solutions. Loftware Spectrum and Loftware Smartflow give you the power and flexibility to meet changing customer and regulatory requirements, improve response times and reduce overall costs—all while driving greater efficiencies across your extended supply chain.

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