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Loftware Spectrum 3.5 Introduces Business Intelligence and Layering for Enterprise Labeling

Provides Labeling Insight with Advanced Analytics and Enhances Control Over Label Design

Loftware, Inc., the global leader in Enterprise Labeling Solutions, today announced Loftware Spectrum 3.5, the latest release of the only 100% browser-based solution designed to meet complex, high volume customer and regulatory specific labeling requirements. Spectrum 3.5 increases flexibility, efficiency, and control over enterprise labeling processes, introducing Business Intelligence capabilities that give users insight into labeling data and activities. The release also offers a new level of control over label design with the introduction of Layers, as well as enhancements for multi-label layout, session management and auditing, along with a new Epson native printer driver. Read more...


Loftware Spectrum for Browser based Enterprise Labeling
Loftware Print Server for Enterprise Labeling
Loftware Label Manager for Barcode Label Software
Loftware Enterprise Labeling for SAP Appilcations

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