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202 Administering Spectrum

Product code (SKU): TR-ILT-SP-202
Duration: 8 hours

Learn how to manage Spectrum to control user access, available data sources, printing operations and perform basic troubleshooting.  You will be able to create a working environment with permissions and access control required for even complex business solutions.  This course also teaches you how to support the Spectrum software as an administrator of the program.

This session is recommended for:

  • Spectrum system administrators
  • IT program managers
  • Label designers and approvers


No previous Spectrum experience is required.

Learning goals

You’ll learn:

  • How to configure user access Spectrum.
  • How to manage data services.
  • About on-demand, integrated and remote printing.
  • How to retrieve print job status information.
  • How to perform basic troubleshooting steps and get help


  • Understanding Spectrum Role-Based Access Control
  • Building a Working Environment
  • Web Sessions and System Management
  • Configuring Devices
  • Object Promotion