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Products overview

401 Automation Basics

Product code (SKU): TR-ILT-NL-401
Duration: 2 hours

Learn how to build, manage, and deploy integrations in NiceLabel Automation that run efficiently in printing environments.

This session is recommended for:

  • Programmers
  • Solution architects
  • Business analysts
  • Local IT and printing administrators


No previous NiceLabel experience is required.

You’ll need:

Learning goals

You’ll learn:

  • Understand NiceLabel Automation’s architecture and how it helps you connect with your systems.
  • How to install, set up, and monitor NiceLabel Automation integrations.
  • About basic Automation concepts like Triggers, Filters, and Actions.
  • Understand how to create, test, and publish Automation configurations with Automation Builder and Automation Manager.
  • How to read and understand basic Automation configurations.
  • How to maintain and monitor a running Automation instance.


  • Introduction to Automation
    • Printing with Automation
    • Architecture
    • Automation components
    • Typical use cases
  • Triggers, Filters, and Actions
  • Building and managing Triggers
    • Demonstration: Creating a simple file Trigger
    • Demonstration: Database Trigger
    • Demonstration: HTTP Trigger
  • Testing and publishing Triggers
  • Monitoring and managing triggers