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Loftware Cloud & Loftware NiceLabel

Our team can help process your order, manage your contract, or answer any questions related to Loftware Cloud and Loftware NiceLabel. Whether it’s a software upgrade, product enhancement, licensing question, contract renewal or any other account related issue, our dedicated team can address your needs.

Licensing Support

Support in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)
+386 4 280 50 93 | support.emea@loftware.com

Support in North and South America
+1 262 784 2466 | support.americas@loftware.com

Support in Germany
+49 6104 6899 860 | support.emea@loftware.com

Support in Asia-Pacific (APAC)
+86 40 0120 0806 | support.apac@loftware.com
+65 31 051 838 | support.apac@loftware.com
(English and Mandarin)

Contract Administration & Renewals Assistance

Contact Customer Account Management team