Technical Expertise

We understand that labeling is mission-critical to your business. From keeping your supply chain running smoothly to ensuring that your packaging artwork processes are meeting all of your business demands. That’s why Loftware’s highly trained support staff is available via web, email, and phone to troubleshoot all of your labeling challenges. Whether you’re looking for limited weekday support or 24x7x365 assistance, Loftware is here to help.

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Meeting Your Unique Needs

We want to offer the amount of service that’s just right for you and your business demands. Whether you need to ensure that all of your global locations are up and running smoothly 24/7 or you just need some weekday support to cover limited hours – with our Standard, Gold and Platinum programs, Loftware has an option that’s just right for you.

One Step Ahead

Loftware has spent years defining and developing industry best practices for developing, delivering, and maintaining labeling and packaging artwork solutions. We offer enterprise-class integrated solutions, and over 30 years of experience working with global customers across a range of markets has given us extensive industry and domain expertise.

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‘Round the Clock’ Support

Loftware offers a Platinum Technical Support option with 24x7x365 assistance when you need the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have ongoing, round the clock support. Whether after hours, during weekends or even holidays, Loftware is here to meet the needs of those global enterprises with the most demanding labeling production requirements. Our certified global staff will answer any questions or address any problems you may encounter any time of day or night while using your Loftware solution.

The Right Fit

All of our options, whether Platinum, Gold or Standard are distinguished by their commitment to minimize the risk and associated costs of an interruption in your business. We want to ensure that we maximize our customer’s return on investment and ensure that they get both the solution and the service that works in their best interest. And, no matter what support program you choose, we make sure you get all the feedback you need. That’s why Loftware’s technical support team works closely with our software development and quality assurance teams to escalate any unresolved issues to product development.



The Right Partner

Your best solution starts with the right partner and Loftware prides itself on being the first to uniquely address the full spectrum of labeling and packaging artwork requirements across a broad range of industries. We understand that effective and efficient Enterprise Labeling and Artwork Management are mission-critical for getting product to market and getting that product delivered across the supply chain. We offer comprehensive onsite system consulting, integration, product support, customer care and maintenance and Loftware is always just a phone call away. With average wait times of a minute or less, your needs always remain our number one priority.

Flexible Support Options

For more information on our flexible support options, contact a Customer Account Management representative today.

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Response Time for Production Down (during support hours)

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Response Time for High Priority Issues (during support hours)

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Response Time for Standard Issues (during support hours)

12 Hours

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