Integrate Your Source of Truth

Because enterprise integration is critical for all labeling processes across your global supply chain, Loftware's comprehensive Enterprise Labeling Solutions leverage the investments you've made in your enterprise resource planning and supply chain execution applications.

You can integrate to your source(s) of truth and ensure that your labeling processes adhere to your business, customer and regulatory requirements. Loftware solutions provide closed-loop, end-to-end labeling processes from design and composition to highly reliable label printing across your supply chain network. Loftware's Enterprise Labeling Solutions ensure label data accuracy, labeling compliance and improve operational performance and efficiency.


"Our end user-focused research indicates that labeling today is no longer a standalone function. Integration with business process applications such as ERP and WMS is critical to support seamless and pervasive communication across the enterprise." - VDC Research Senior Analyst, AutoID & Data Capture, Richa Gupta.


Labeling for SAP Applications


Leverage all of your investments in SAP applications with Loftware's certified integration with SAP. Drive mission-critical labeling processes throughout your inventory, warehouse management, production & packaging execution and distribution processes. Ensure your mission critical labeling solution is agile, reliable, uninterrupted and scalable to meet your business requirements today and into the future as your business and operations grow. Join the list of the world's largest and most recognizable companies that have relied on Loftware for years to integrate supply chain labeling processes with SAP and drive significant return on investment and competitive differentiation for your business. 

Labeling for Oracle


Take advantage of Loftware's wide range of Enterprise Labeling Solutions for your Oracle environment, regardless of the Oracle applications you've chosen. As an Oracle Gold Partner, Loftware offers validated integration with Oracle that enable Oracle applications to provide the business with closed-loop, end-to-end labeling processes. Loftware's Enterprise Labeling Solutions enable Oracle customer's to meet the labeling requirements of their business and optimize their Oracle investments and drive operational efficiency with integration of mission critical labeling processes throughout inventory and warehouse management, production and packaging, as well as distribution business processes. 

Integrated labeling solution PTC and Loftware


PTC Inc., a global provider of IoT technology platforms and solutions, has partnered with Loftware to provide medical device companies with the technology to more easily meet evolving regulations and increasing labeling complexities. The new integrated labeling solution allows manufacturers to create and author content, configure format, review and approve, manage changes, generate and print labels with UDI information, and retain digital replicas. To create this comprehensive offering, Loftware Spectrum, the industry’s only 100% browser-based Enterprise Labeling Solution, integrates directly with PTC’s Windchill® Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software to access correct, approved content, which is combined with data from other data sources to generate and print compliant labels. Centralized label designs from Loftware integrate directly with PTC Windchill for proper review and approval. Also, label content including IFUs, warnings and artwork managed in PTC’s Arbortext® Advanced Print Publisher is submitted to PTC Windchill, which manages change control, content, UDI information and serves as a digital system of record. 

Medical Device labeling USDM and Loftware

USDM Life Sciences

USDM Life Sciences is a global life science and healthcare services company, providing strategy and compliant technology solutions to regulated industries. If you work in Life Sciences or Healthcare, partnering with USDM Life Sciences makes it easy to accelerate innovation and maximize productivity. USDM Life Sciences only focuses on regulated industries and has built trusted partnerships with the most innovative technology companies in the world, and boast a staff of industry leading experts in the areas of technology and compliance. Loftware has partnered with USDM Life Sciences to develop the Spectrum Validation Accelerator Pack (VAP). The Spectrum VAP enables life sciences companies—including medical device and biopharmaceutical organizations—to quickly and cost-effectively implement and maintain a validated, compliant labeling solution.  For more information on USDM Life Sciences, visit  

ISV/VAR Partnerships

Build your business and expand your market while differentiating yourself from the rest. Partnering with Loftware, you'll be able to offer solutions that enable customers to drive label printing with unprecedented efficiency. Loftware offers partners many benefits such as licenses for internal use, sales and product support, training, marketing collateral and much more.



Opportunity Partnerships

Partner your services team with Loftware experts to develop and extend supply chain solutions to include mission critical labeling processes that are just right for your customer. Support your customers to meet a vast range of complex, global, and high volume labeling challenges. Rely on Loftware's market leading labeling platform that scales, is effortless to support and easy to maintain. Add opportunities to your services pipeline by partnering with Loftware to help your customers solve a wide range of supply chain labeling challenges.


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